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Why do We Like Reading?

(Excerpt form the book Open Secrets of Polyglots)

I suppose you like reading. Otherwise you wouldn’t have started reading this book. But have you ever put the question to yourself – why do you like reading?

You may come to different answers than the following but I think it is important to think a bit […]

Teaching Foreign Languages in Blocks

Mimicking the teacher at Waldorf Steiner school English lesson

I have always thought that the best way to teach a language in a classroom is by creating an atmosphere which enables pupils to take an imaginary trip to the culture of the given language. If we have ever had the chance to travel, we […]

The results of a survey

A periodically published magazine for Waldorf Language Teachers is welcomed and needed by the most teachers and they are ready to contribute with articles, interviews, pictures and other experiences to it. We have just started an indiegogo campaign:

In February we have launched an internet survey among language teachers at Steiner-Waldorf schools in […]