Teacher Steiner

Book Cover: Teacher Steiner

Teacher Steiner - a feature movie script based on Rudolf Steiner's life and work: As a young PhD student Rudolf Steiner comes to be a home school teacher with a middle class Jewish family living in Vöslau near Vienna. Otto — one of the four boys the young man has to teach — has hydrocephalus and can hardly write or read. His parents have almost given up on the 11 years old boy. They don’t think he’ll be able to learn a profession that suits the status of the family. While Steiner makes progress with the other boys, Otto gets tired after a few minutes of intellectual effort. Steiner has to mobilize all his creativity to teach Otto the basics of reading, writing and counting. Parallel to Otto’s story we learn about Steiner’s and his wife’s, Marie von Sivers’ later struggle: the creation of the Goetheanum — a modern cultural center surrounded by a colony of artists near to Basel — and the birth of the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart in 1919.


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